Types of credit score

Types of Credit Score You must have heard people talking about their credit score, It should be the scores you have more than one. Every person has a number of scores but they don't know them all. Credit scores are the kind of a variety pack of cookies you can get at any store. The only difference is that instead of having flavors, shapes or sizes of cookies, you have a number of credit scores based on the credit reports on a variety of scales. But the question is how many [...]

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CIBIL Report

CIBIL which means Credit Information Bureau India Ltd is the highest agency in India which is known for its services like credit CIBIL reports and ratings to individuals and businesses. It is the only one among 1000 companies in the world which has an ISO 27001 rating, that is the highest security standard in the world. The work of CIBIL is to release credit reports which are called Credit Information Report (CIR) to individuals on the basis of their past credit history, which the agency receives from leading financial institutions [...]

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Credit monitoring service

Credit monitoring is a service which alerts you whenever there is any change in your credit report. This gives you the chance to find the error if any and inform same to the credit bureau. It is necessary to start sorting out any problems before they really get out of hand. Any error can lead to the rejection of the loans when you need the most. Nowadays, our personal information is more under threat than ever before. But it is good to know that defenses against them have also increased. [...]

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Difference between CIBIL score and report

Those who are in search of loans or mortgages continuously face some terms like CIBIL score and CIBIL report. Banks and other financial institutions use this terms. Both this terms are related to each other and effects the credit status of a person. Generally, the banks uses the CIBIL reports and CIBIL scores to give loans. In today's era, it is easy to regularly check your score online. Thanks to the reliable internet connectivity and excellent Global Tie-ups. Checking this reports regularly is a must to all as it helps in [...]

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Benefits of Good Credit Score

The range of credit score is 300-900. The more you are closer to 900, there are more chances of loan application getting approved, hence more confidence the credit institution will have in your ability to repay the loan. Anything above 750 is considered a good credit score. All banks /NBFCs usually look at the credit score as one of the many checks they do before advancing a loan. What is a good credit score? A good credit score ranges from 750-900. Banks and other NBFC’s consider you to be credit healthy if [...]

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Monitor Your Credit Score

Credit monitoring is a type of service that alerts you whenever there are any changes made to one of your credit reports. It is very important to monitor your credit because if you not then it may cost you thousands. When you have the good credit score then you have no problem in getting the loan and having good interest rates. Thus you can save up to thousands of dollars. However, the time to monitor your credit score is now, not a month before applying for a loan because it [...]

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Factors that Affect Your Credit

A credit score is described as a number that the risk included in lending a loan to any person. Some important places like credit card companies, automobile dealers, and bankers check your credit score. It is to find out if you are suitable for giving a loan or not or at what interest rate. Some others like the insurers, your employer or landlord may also sometimes check your credit score. This is to find out how much responsibility you have for any insurance, lending a home or giving you a job. In this article, we [...]

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Credit Score Range: Meaning and Impact

The credit score is one of the first terms that come to people's mind when they start learning the basics of personal financing. It is an important term which everyone should know about as this, it is a  3-digit score which holds the power to influence lenders to take decisions in your favor when you apply for a loan. It is important to have a fair understanding of credit score, one should know about the various definitions and implications that we come across while looking for a credit score. Credit [...]

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Understand Credit Score

It is very important to understand credits score. They meant to develop a snapshot of the risk you currently represent to a lender. There are several parameters such as length of credit history, loans, mortgages, public records, number of open accounts etc and on this basis, a three-digit score between about 300 and 950 has arrived. This credit score affects what types of loans we can get, can influence our ability to get an apartment or house, and they can even be a factor in our job hunt. Usually, a [...]

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How Medical Debt Can Impact Your Credit Score

Medical Debt Impacts on Your Credit Score If You think that medical bills can get worse, you are right at a part. Unpaid bills can cause huge medical debt impacts on your credit score. Generally, this case occurs with the doctors and hospitals as they do not report to the credit agencies. They just turn their debts to the lenders and the collection agencies has to report them. It is not surprising if we say that the debt collection untimely can cause your credit to effect a lot. Just a single unpaid [...]

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