11 important points about Krishi Kalyan Cess

Swachh Bharat Cess introduced by the prime minister of India was an initiative to bring about cleanliness in the country. Likewise, Krishi Kalyan Cess was launched to contribute extra support to farmers for producing agricultural activities. The finance minister suggested the Krishi Kalyan Cess in February 2016 Budget. The KKC was implemented on 1 June 2016. KKC adds an extra 0.5 percent to people service tax load. After the new addition, the service tax rate on all the services one uses reaches 15 percent. Krishi Kalyan Cess was introduced to [...]

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Banking ombudsman: A problem solver of banking services

Several people have encountered frustrating conditions with bank officials and their services. Seemingly, for an extra fee of bank charges, an inexact representation of TDS in our Form 26AS, and many more like these problems are faced by customers. Despite constant follow-up with the Bank Authorities, the people's complaints and objections continue to be unsolved. The question is always raised what do in this situation? Shall we make a complaint against them? Who will help us? A simple answer to all these questions is Banking Ombudsman. What is Banking Ombudsman? Banking [...]

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Steps to prepare Bank Reconciliation Statement

The concept of Bank Reconciliation Statement In bookkeeping, a Bank reconciliation statement is a record creates as part of the foundation which inserts out the entries which have generated the contrast between the two balances. For adjusting the balances as displayed in the passbook and cashbook a settlement statement is prepared known as Bank Reconciliation Statement. A firm directs a cash book to register both banks as well as cash transactions. A Cashbook has a bank column that displays cash at a bank and a cash column that displays cash accessible [...]

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Trial balance :Meaning , procedure and uses

Meaning of Trial balance A Trial balance is an accounting or bookkeeping statement. It records the balances in all of an organization's general ledger accounts. It is a worksheet presenting all of the credits and debits balances amounts in an account book. The list in Trial balance contains two columns. One is debt balance and the credit balance. While matching all the transactions the debit and credit balance should seem to identical. Trial Balance serves as the first level in the formation of financial statements. The trial balance resumes being beneficial for accountants or auditors and who [...]

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Procedure to apply for online Chitta

Check out how the online Chitta procedure is on the base of the Patta essence. Click here for Tamil What is Chitta? Chitta is a document issued by the government of Tamil Nadu. It plays a key role in all property-related transactions. The document concerning property that is managed by the Taluka office and concerned Village Administrative Officer. A Chitta gives the appropriate detail of the area, size, and ownership of the property. In fact, it classifies the land into Punjai and Nanjai. Punjai is a wetland and Nanjai [...]

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A list of top leading Small banks and Payment banks

What are  Small banks and Payment banks? Small banks and Payment banks are license banks that are approved by RBI. Both are the illustrations of differentiated banks. In fact, they are expanded to widen financial involvement in small sectors and small households. Even they render services to the local people such as farmers and migrant workers. Small banks  They are a kind of banks render basic banking services of lending and bank deposits to small and limited farmers, small business unit, unorganized sectors, small entity, and micro industries. Payment Banks   [...]

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GST Registration: Types, Procedure, Reverse Charge, Exemptions and Compliance

What is GST Registration? After the roll-out of the GST (Goods and Service Tax) since July 2017, all the earlier indirect taxes, being imposed by the state or central government have been replaced. Under this GST system, it got mandatory to convert the previous VAT/CST State-wise Assessee and Service Tax or Excise assessee to the new tax reform and get GST Registration for their business. Moreover, every business whose turnover is more than Rs. 20 lakhs (except some northeastern states where the limit is 10 lakhs) is required to get registered as a [...]

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Understanding ISO Certification & Accreditation to choose Best for Your Business

ISO Certification The aim of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is to enhance the development of standardization and related activities all over the world. It is, merely, a worldwide federation with various nation's standards bodies, as members. The goal was to facilitate the international exchange of goods and services and to develop cooperation in various spheres' economic activity. To your business, ISO Certification provides an internationally tested framework of systematic approaches to conducting your business processes. The objective is that your organization would consistently turn out products conforming to customer expectations. ISO [...]

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Income Tax Return (ITR), Types of Forms, E-Filing & Exemptions

Income Tax Return (ITR) An ITR is the tax form/forms, reporting your income, profit & losses and the expenses occurred in your business, along with other deductions applicable, at the end of each financial year. The income, includes regular wages, capital gain, interest on deposits, dividends, rent, royalties, or any other resources. It can be separated under either of the 5 Heads of Income Tax. This is to declare the total income of an individual or a firm to the Income Tax Department of India, CBDT. The ITR is to be filed in a predefined worksheet [...]

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