How to get your Personal Loan Approved

Overview A personal loan refers to the unsecured loan that is extended by Financial Institutions. Personal loans do not carry the requirement of collateral being termed unsecured. This kind of loan is given to the applicants solely on their credit history and ability to repay the loans from their current personal income. In personal loans, the financial institution interest rates are not usually fixed but the interest rate charged differs from Financial Institutions to Financial Institutions. Moreover, as a rough guide, interest rates on a personal loan range from 11-37% [...]

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Why you need Multiple Credit Cards in Today’s economy In the age of cashless and digital transactions, it becomes vital for individual to manage finances better. Credit Cards provide facilities to do exactly that. Here, we're going to look at why you should consider having multiple credit cards in today's economy

Credit Cards, Digital Payments, and Misconceptions Digital payments and cashless transactions are convenient and easy to use send or receive money. The government of India has been deploying schemes, incentives as well as strict laws to ensure a higher frequency of cashless transactions. Thus, with digital modes being promoted, Credit Card is a form of cashless transaction which is slowly going to rise in India. These are vital in today's economy for the growing up millennials as well as the incoming generation of earners. In this article, we are going [...]

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Tax benefits on investing in mutual funds

Introduction You invest a fixed sum of money in a scheme either every month or quarter under the debt mutual funds or equity mutual funds. At the time of investing in a particular mutual fund, the first thing that you need to access its returns is to know the entire process of how it will be taxed. The post-tax returns will matter a lot. This article focuses on the Tax benefits on the mutual fund. For more information related to mutual funds, SEBI Regulations on Mutual Fund Expense or more must follow [...]

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SC Aadhar Verdict: Aadhar Legal but Voluntary. Not mandatory for SIM cards, School Admission or Bank Accounts There was a long standing debate and country-wide issue when there were claims that the implementation of Aadhar was vioalating the fundamental Right to Privacy and was therfore unconstitutional . A panel of judges sat down on 26th September to decide the consitutionalism of Aadhar

Aadhar Card has become a part and parcel of everyone's lives from the general population to corporates in India. The identification system brought in by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)  under compliance with the Aadhar Act of 2016. However, the government of India, in the August of 2018, upheld the right to privacy as a fundamental right of the citizens. This decision raised eyebrows on the system of identification via Aadhar which takes biometric as well as personal details of the citizens. Many argued that the Aadhar was [...]

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How to Get a Small Business Loan Without Collateral

It is not exaggerating the things if we say that secured loans are in general a bad idea. Being less risky for the lender, they tend to attract very competitive interest rates. Although, all you need to balance this saving with your increased risk, specifically if it's personal rather than business collateral that is being used. This article will help you to know the different ways of the Business Loan without Collateral. Following are the alternatives: Merchant cash advance: This kind of form for finance allows you to borrow an agreed [...]

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How to Choose Best Health Insurance Policy in India

In this piece, we're going to look at how you can choose the best health insurance policy in India. Index Health insurance importance for Millenials  What facilities are covered by health insurance  Types of Health Insurance in India Things to Consider while choosing the best health insurance policy in India. Policy Deciding Factors: Checklist Health Insurance: A necessity for the Millenial Health Insurance is probably one of the most underrated yet one of the most important insurance products you can buy. It basically covers the part or whole of the [...]

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Smart Tips to Manage Your Home Loan

Home loans are the great option to give wings to your cherished dreams. The dream to have a lavish new house is in the mind of every citizen but due to the other burdens of the family people often make it true. On the other hand, a Home loan is a long tenure loan which needs your commitment for a longer period of time. The maximum tenure of the Home loan is 30 years which means you need to the EMIs for 30 years and it is really very challenging to [...]

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Insurance Agents Commission Structure

Insurance Agent Commission is different from company to company, here in this article we will learn about the insurance companies in India and how the Insurance Agent Commission is defined by companies. First, let us understand who insurance agents are? so Insurance agents serve as the mediator between insurance companies and those who seek to purchase insurance policies. Insurance agents may focus on providing their clients with one particular type of insurance, or they may sell a variety of insurance policies. Various types of insurance include life, property, disability and health insurance. There are 24 [...]

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Mutual Fund Agent Commission Structure

Mutual Fund Agent Commission is nothing but the commission that an Agent gets from the investors and AMCs(Asset Management companies). It is very important to understand the different rates of commissions that Mutual fund agents earn. Customers have the right to ask about it and advice the agents gave, they have the responsibility of providing because they earn money from the agents' investments. For that matter, if you want to know more about the mutual fund investments you can visit us at A mutual funds agent's commission includes 4 [...]

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How to become Loan Agent ?

Loan Agent agent is the one who helps you to secure a loan in your need, connects you with Lender and does all the primary checks, collects all the required documents and he verifies and makes sure that the provided documents are correct and genuine. Eligibility Criteria There is no such educational requirement to be a Loan Agent whether you are a working professional or a business owner you can become Loan agent. To know more about the business associate opportunity Click here. Benefits A Loan Agent will avail these [...]

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