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Pulkit Jain is the founder of LegalRaasta – India's top portal for registration, trademark, return filing and loans. Pulkit is a veteran CA with over 10+ of experience.

ஆன்லைன் சிட்டாவுக்கு விண்ணப்பிக்கும் நடைமுறை

பட்டா சாரத்தின் அடிப்படையில் ஆன்லைன் சிட்டா நடைமுறை எவ்வாறு உள்ளது என்பதைப் பாருங்கள். சித்தா என்றால் என்ன? சித்தா என்பது தமிழக அரசு வெளியிட்ட ஆவணம். சொத்து தொடர்பான அனைத்து பரிவர்த்தனைகளிலும் இது முக்கிய பங்கு வகிக்கிறது. தாலுகா அலுவலகம் மற்றும் சம்பந்தப்பட்ட கிராம நிர்வாக அலுவலரால் நிர்வகிக்கப்படும் சொத்து தொடர்பான ஆவணம். ஒரு சித்தா சொத்தின் பரப்பளவு, அளவு மற்றும் உரிமையைப் பற்றிய சரியான விவரங்களைத் தருகிறது. உண்மையில், இது நிலத்தை பஞ்சை மற்றும் நஞ்சை என வகைப்படுத்துகிறது. பஞ்சை ஒரு ஈரநிலம் மற்றும் நஞ்சை வறண்ட நிலம். பஞ்சாய் குறைவான நீர்நிலைகள் மற்றும் பரந்த அளவிலான வசதிகளுடன் கூடிய நிலத்துடன் தொடர்புடையது. கால்வாய்கள், ஆறுகள், குளங்கள் போன்ற நீர்நிலைகளுடன் பொதுவாக ஏராளமான நீர் கொண்ட நிலத்துடன் நஞ்சை தொடர்புடையது. சிட்டா ஆன்லைன் முறையில் அரசாங்கத்தின் [...]

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Insurance Agents Commission Structure

Insurance Agent Commission is different from company to company, here in this article we will learn about the insurance companies in India and how the Insurance Agent Commission is defined by companies. First, let us understand who insurance agents are? so Insurance agents serve as the mediator between insurance companies and those who seek to purchase insurance policies. Insurance agents may focus on providing their clients with one particular type of insurance, or they may sell a variety of insurance policies. Various types of insurance include life, property, disability and health insurance. There are 24 [...]

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Mutual Fund Agent Commission Structure

Mutual Fund Agent Commission is nothing but the commission that an Agent gets from the investors and AMCs(Asset Management companies). It is very important to understand the different rates of commissions that Mutual fund agents earn. Customers have the right to ask about it and advice the agents gave, they have the responsibility of providing because they earn money from the agents' investments. For that matter, if you want to know more about the mutual fund investments you can visit us at Finbucket.com A mutual funds agent's commission includes 4 [...]

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How to become Loan Agent ?

Loan Agent agent is the one who helps you to secure a loan in your need, connects you with Lender and does all the primary checks, collects all the required documents and he verifies and makes sure that the provided documents are correct and genuine. Eligibility Criteria There is no such educational requirement to be a Loan Agent whether you are a working professional or a business owner you can become Loan agent. To know more about the business associate opportunity Click here. Benefits A Loan Agent will avail [...]

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Bank DSA Registration

Bank DSA Registration/ DSA Registration 2018 DSA registration for leading banks, NBFC's and other digital lenders are easy and absolutely free. Here at Finbucket.com, you get the liberty to source Client in different products & multiple locations in India virtually.  we provide a Personal loan, Home Loan, Loan against Property, Bussiness Loans, Mortgage Loans, SME Loans and many more Services in line. We are associated with many leading banks and NBFC's to provide with the best suitable service. We are motivated by our commitment to building an opportunity and a trust [...]

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How to become an Insurance Agent?

How to become an Insurance Agent? To become Insurance Agent you should have the clear understanding of Insurance and its market in India, here in this post we will help you to learn what insurance is! and how to become an Insurance Agent. An Insurance Agent is a point of contact(POC) of an insurance company for any individual, who assists individuals with insurance products that are best suitable for them and do collect all the necessary documentation and assist policyholder throughout the term of the policy. You can become an insurance business associate with us [...]

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How to become a Mutual Fund Agent?

How to become a Mutual Fund Agent? Firstly! Know what Mutual funds are! to become a mutual fund agent, For many people, Mutual Funds can sound complicated and challenging. we are trying to make it little simple for you, In mutual funds, money is pooled  by a large number of people and this fund is managed by a professional fund manager. It is a fund that collects money from different investors who share the same investment interest and objective, then professional fund manager invests this money into equities, money market instruments, bonds, and [...]

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Advantages of Becoming a bank DSA

Who are Bank DSA's? Bank DSA's (direct selling Agents) are the one who connects an individual to the loan provider, take care of the needed documentation for Loan Application forms, do fundamental check for application and ensure that the submitted documents are in accordance with the guidelines of the loan provider. What Bank DSA Do? Government banks have appointed Agents called DSA to bring business to Banks. DSAs Bring applicants for Bussiness loans, Personal loans, Home Loans, Mutual funds. Bank DSAs get hold of loan Applications, Mutual fund Applications, Insurance [...]

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Role of a DSA or Direct Selling Agent?

DSA Roles and Regulations are somewhere same of all Banks and  Financial institutions but in most of the cases when you apply for a DSA role for a particular bank and other financial institutions you have to go through the company-specific DSA Agreement which contains all the  DSA roles and regulations applicable. Become a DSA with Finbucket.com Code of Conduct for the Direct Selling Agents (DSAs) Loan DSA's (direct selling Agents) are the one who connects an individual to the loan provider, take care of the needed documentation for Loan Application forms, do fundamental [...]

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DSA(Direct Selling Agent) Agreement

A Legal Agreement written between a Bank and an Agent authorized to sell the services of a Bank/ Financial Institutions is a DSA  Agreement. It comprises details about the appointment, rights and answerability, and all terms and conditions related with the services of a Direct Selling Agent (DSA) certified by a Bank/ Financial Institutions for the purpose of selling or distributing its products/services within the specified jurisdictional areas on its behalf. Procedure for Direct Selling Agent Agreement: Procedure for DSA Agreement is easy with us at Legalraasta.com   Complete our Simple Form Online [...]

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