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Difference between fuel injection system and Carburetor in bikes

  To combat growing pollution, India has transitioned from Bharat Stage IV (BSIV) to Bharat Stage VI (BSVI) emission standards from April 1, 2020. The mechanical changes to two-wheelers or bikes are significantly more severe as the transition from BS4 to BS6 emission requirements is so strict. Because the BS6 emission standards are so stringent, precise fueling is essential. Most motorcycle manufacturers have moved away from the less expensive carburetor and toward a more precise, but more expensive fuel-injection system.   Difference between Carburetor and fuel injection system Automobile engineers [...]

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Voluntary Excess Insurance

  One important thing to remember about insurance is that it is not a profit-making device for policyholders. Vehicle insurance is not an investment opportunity that will result in financial gains. Insurance packages for cars and motorcycles provide a safety net. They assist you financially in the event of an accident or car damage. However, the policy's terms and circumstances regulate this 'assistance.' Excess insurance or Compulsory and Voluntary Excess is an important part of a policy's terms and conditions that you should understand and be aware of when purchasing [...]

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