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Finbucket is India’s top Digital Loans Portal. We offer flexible, short-term, collateral-free loans to meet the funding requirement of small businesses / SMEs and salaried professionals. Borrowers can apply online through the Finbucket portal, upload documents digitally and check instant loan eligibility.

Unlike banks and traditional NBFCs, Finbucket is a technology-driven lending company focusing on approvals using alternate data points from various data sources to assess the creditworthiness and provide quick approvals based on minimal documentation. We aim to provide easy access to credit to small businesses across India including tier II and III cities of the country with our distribution reach, digital process and quick disbursal process which are not typically targeted by traditional Banks and NBFCs.

Finbucket has been founded by a team of Management Consultants, Investment Bankers and Chartered Accountants. Founders are alumnus of top educational institutions like IIT, ISB and IIM and have professional experience across top companies like McKinsey, J.P. Morgan and Standard Chartered. The company was incorporate in 2017 with its head office in Delhi and having presence in top tier I and II cities.



Being one of the best trusted financial solution providers in India the special focus is on developing and fast growing businesses of this country. Along with this, we keep focusing on 100% digital approval and reach out across the country. Also, we aim to tap small businesses and professionals for loans up to 20 lakh who are currently considered un-bankable by most banks/ NBFCs.

”Our USP – We lend to Young businesses with 2 years vintage and Use our proprietary algorithm to lend digitally and offer services to segments not reached by traditional banks/ NBFCs“.



FinBucket will aim to offer reliable financial solutions for winning clients trust with the greatest level of professionalism in all outlooks of their dealings. Side by side, we keep focusing on easy access to capital finance for Indian businessmen just in a few clicks. We attempt to understand your financial situation and offer only the most eminent assistance and loan products to our customers.

“Know the Customer and their Needs, Value their Time, Best Interest rates, Fastest loan disbursal & Find the Right Product – is what defines FINBUCKET”



  • Integrity: We appreciate our reputation for uprightness in dealings with the client. We set a great market upright values and clarity in financial service providing. With full honesty, we follow up all laws and regulations of goverment.
  • Teamwork: We appreciate the participation and contribution of our employees in fulfilling our mission, valuing their teamwork. Also, applying their great level of proficiency for personal growth is commendable. We are obliged to the progress of our employees as they are our most helpful resource.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Technology is necessary to our vision. We proceed to invest massively in technology to improve customer experience and encourage performance in operations. We believe in tech-led modifications to fulfil seamless and active financial services of excellent worth to customers.
  • Cooperative Relationships: We greet opportunities to add profit to our stakeholders’ business. Also, we actively explore cooperative opportunities. Even ask employee and community figure out and answer to their interests. We interact with the community and others as well to accomplish expectations and ensure the highest levels of comfort.
  • Client-focused: We treat our customers with the entire truth and balance. Our company was established in serving and meeting the demands of clients. We don’t care about our economic status, we believe in offering quick and timely service, with great levels of clarity.” Customer is our initial priority and eases their work is our motive”.We strive to build a beneficial variation in our clients’ lifestyle.
  • Professional Management Excellence: We appreciate innovative, up-to-date, practical, solution-oriented, and reasonable services and systems. We focus on achieving the greatest levels of customer satisfaction. We give leadership to the community in giving proactive financial solutions and services.


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