Link Aadhaar with SBI Bank Account

The government of India has made it mandatory for all the Aadhaar cardholders to link their Aadhaar with bank accounts, link Aadhaar with PAN card etc. to avail the benefits of various government schemes. Therefore it is advisable that if you have an Aadhaar card then you must ensure that it is linked to your personal bank accounts. This is important because various subsidy schemes launched by the government to get properly implemented require your Aadhaar number to be linked to your bank account, as it makes it easier to directly transfer amounts to your account. In this article, you will get to read about how to link Aadhaar with SBI bank account. However, if you are an SBI bank account holder. then you can link your Aadhaar with SBI bank account through various ways of visiting SBI banks, SBI ATMs, internet banking, customer service point, SBI mobile application, etc.

Offline Mode: SBI-Aadhaar Link

Before you start the process of linking your Aadhaar Card to the SBI bank account, few documents are required.

  • Aadhaar Card.
  • SBI passbook.
  • Photocopies of the both.

Follow the steps to complete the linking:

  • Visit the SBI’s website and download the SBI Aadhaar Card linking form.
  • You will be required to fill these details in the form
  1. Account number
  2. Name and address of the branch
  3. Your Name and address
  4. Aadhaar / UID number
  • Submit the form along with a self-attested copy of the Aadhaar card in your SBI bank branch.
  • The official at the bank will ask for the original Aadhaar Card for the verification process.
  • Once your details are verified, the bank will process your application.
  • You will receive a notification from the bank stating that your Aadhaar Card has been successfully linked to the SBI account, as soon as your application gets granted.

Online: Link Aadhaar to SBI bank account

To link your Aadhaar Card to your SBI Bank Account through this process, you will require access to internet banking.

Follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit the SBI official website –
  • Login to SBI Internet Banking account
  • Under personal banking column on the screen, select “Aadhaar Linking” option.


  • Type the Account number and enter the text shown in the image.
  • Click on “Submit” option.
  • Once the completion of the process, the SBI account holder will receive a confirmation message on the registered mobile number.

Visiting the Branch Office

Aadhaar card can be linked to an SBI account by visiting the bank branch too.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to complete the process:

  • Visit your nearest SBI bank branch
  • Take along a copy of Aadhaar card and original Aadhaar card too.
  • Submit a “Letter of Request” and Aadhaar card copy with the bank officials.
  • The branch officials will then verify all the information provided by you.
  • Finally, a confirmation message will be sent to your registered mobile number.

Through SMS: SBI-Aadhaar Card

It is one of the easiest ways to link SBI bank account to Aadhaar Card

Given below are the steps that will help you to complete the process:

  • Type UID Aadhaar Number (space) Account number in the message box.
  • Send the message from registered phone number to 567676
  • You will receive a confirmation message on completion.
  • Link Aadhaar with Mobile number

SBI ATMs: Link Aadhaar and SBI Account

To make the linking process convenient for an SBI account holder, state bank of India also offers Aadhaar and SBI linking through the ATM.

Below mentioned are the simple steps to link Aadhaar-SBI account:

  • Go to the nearest SBI ATM
  • Swipe your SBI Card and enter the PIN number
  • Then under the “Service” tab, select the “Registration” option
  • Select account type and Aadhaar registration
  • You will be required to enter your Aadhaar number twice
  • Finally, the Aadhaar and SBI account gets linked

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the last date to link an SBI account with Aadhaar number?

Ans. The last date to complete the linking is 31, March 2018.

Q. If the SMS linking process fails, what are the impacts?

You will receive an SMS asking you to visit the nearest branch and submit the letter of request along with a photocopy of Aadhaar card to complete the process of linking SBI account and Aadhaar card.

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