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‘‘One of the top USP of working with FinBucket is that I have the access to many business opportunities. Now I can cater to any business related service, be it investment, insurance, loan or legal services’’

Gaurav Dewan

‘‘I had recently registered with FinBucket to sell insurance. The benefit I am getting is that earlier I had only 1-2 Insurance Company options but now I can compare and sell insurance from multiple companies, and that too through my phone no need to call multiple representatives.’’

Jatin Sorathiya

‘‘I am an ARN holder and till last year I was only selling Mutual Funds as an investment option but now I am able to provide multiple investment option to my client like Mutual Funds, Gold, Fixed Deposits and also help then in getting Insurance. This has also increased the earning.’’

Amit Singh

‘‘FinBucket has a wide rage of services that I can give to my client. Also they have top level of support. This has helped me sell any financial services to my customers’’

Pranav Goel